Fast-Growth Companies

Fast-growth brings its own unique set of marketing challenges:

  • Creating and managing a uniform message in the marketplace
  • Providing effective sales support materials
  • Automating marketing outreach and measurement and using metrics to inform next steps
  • Keeping up with the sheer volume of marketing tasks

Whether you need help with marketing for a startup technology company or are involved with an innovative, high-growth product area within an established firm, you can augment your in-house capabilities with Multilogue Marketing.

We offer:Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies

  • CMO for Hire: Strategic and tactical planning
  • Consulting: Assistance and guidance to prioritize and manage marketing execution
  • Outsourced Marketing Services: Augment existing resources

We’ve worked with huge and highly innovative and entrepreneurial companies. We’ve also worked with regional, family-owned businesses on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies. We understand the challenges of rapid growth.

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“Jan’s broad understanding of even very technical marketing challenges and solutions enables her to listen and engage proactively with any type of client. She doesn’t just wait for instruction. She volunteers creative input on the way we position clients to their audiences. I would feel at ease recommending her in any marketing environment.”

Richard Kline, President, Shannon Rose Design