Digital Agencies

Keeping up with marketing technologies is a full-time job. Smaller to mid-sized marketing, advertising, and web agencies are hard-pressed to stay abreast of it all. Multilogue Marketing partners with agencies that are determined to stay on the cutting edge. Collaborative relationships enable us to stay nimble, assembling teams with the right skill sets for the problems at hand.

Multilogue Marketing works as a lead agency, a subcontractor, or a partner with various digital agencies. Many agencies turn to Multilogue because of our commitment to keep up with marketing technologies and techniques, including:

Search-optimized content marketing
Marketing automation systems
Web CMS Systems
Web analytics
Email marketing
Landing page optimization

Whether you need help with account management, content development, or an integrated marketing program, contact us to see how we can help you be more cost-effective.

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“Jan’s broad understanding of even very technical marketing challenges and solutions enables her to listen and engage proactively with any type of client. She doesn’t just wait for instruction. She volunteers creative input on the way we position clients to their audiences. I would feel at ease recommending her in any marketing environment.”
Richard Kline, President, Shannon Rose Design