Catch-Up Companies

It happens to the smartest people in the smartest companies. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly, you realize that you’re business is taking a hit:

  • Market share is slipping
  • Leads aren’t coming in as fast or aren’t converting as well
  • Customers are now staying as long
  • A move by a competitor catches you by surprise.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in catch-up mode, Multilogue Marketing can help you regain momentum.

If you already know the problem, we’ll help you create smart solutions to put you back on track fast

If the problem isn’t clear, we’ll start by researching the situation to identify the source of the problem, understand the opportunities, and uncover the gems of insight that let you break out into new growth territory.


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“Jan has provided invaluable services to the Albany-Tula Alliance. In fact, in a relatively brief time, Jan has moved the nonprofit sister-city organization forward in ways that even many longtime members could not have envisioned. Jan has pushed us forward on the web and social media, on special events and other ways of making Albany-Tula more effective in its activities and interaction with Tula. She also has taken us far forward in becoming better known in the community. I honestly don’t think we’d be as far as we’ve come in the last two years or so without her.”

Paul Marr, Board Member, Albany-Tula Alliance, Financial Advisor at Great Oaks Office Park