With a clear strategy and effective infrastructure, you’re ready to go to market. Multilogue can augment your in-house or agency resources to ensure to make sure that your outreach programs are properly planned, executed, and evaluated. Each outreach should be carefully set up with qualitative and quantitative goals and the means to monitor results and fine tune as you go. In this way, you can maximize return on your investment:

  • Email marketing: Understanding the power and the limitations of email for your target market is key to knowing how and where to invest.
  • Content marketing: From thought leadership white papers and videos to buzz-building infographic and social media posts, content marketing’s rank-building power has made it a centerpiece of every go-to-market strategy.
  • Organic search: From on-page optimization and reverse link building to content publishing at authoritative sites, oragnic search takes time and careful investment.
  • Paid search and digital advertising: Crafting a cost-effective lead generation program with the right offers, messages, creative, and optimized conversion sites is critical to most marketing programs.
  • Event marketing: From virtual symposia and webinars to mobile, retail, and traditional convention hall events, face-to-face experiential marketing is still a critical element in most marketing programs.

Whether you’re looking to outsource an entire program or just a single piece, Multilogue Marketing will help you get it done right. We’ll ensure that every element is optimized to maximize results. We guarantee on-time, on-budget performance. Contact us today to find out why clients love our work!

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“Jan’s expertise and focus on building content-based marketing programs proved invaluable to me and several of my clients over the last 18 months. She understands and adapts easily to many industries and that flexibility allows her to build strong, unique lead generation programs that successfully build business. She is smart, focused, seasoned, and will not settle for anything less than success. From PR, Blogs, Social Media, to Optimized Web site content and development, she is a true marketer focused on her client’s overall success! Her “whatever it takes” approach to marketing has made her a trusted and valued business partner.”
Peggy Conway, CEO
GreenFrogBlue Marketing


If your strategy is clear and your infrastructure solid, you’re ready to go to market! The key is to make every touch-point matter. Use our marketing services to make ensure relevance, effectiveness, and integration across multiple media.