The first step to successful marketing is to define achievable goals and set the strategy to achieve them. The Multilogue Marketing Audit™ is a process for doing just that. It includes:

  • Analysis of the marketing challenges and opportunities facing your organization
  • Conducting any necessary research to determine solutions
  • Establishing a prioritized set of marketing goals
  • Devising a roadmap to achieve these goals, including:

– Any infrastructure improvements needed to support your outreach
– Go-to-Market campaign tests and roll-out plans
– Measurement systems for monitoring and improving results

Flexible Strategic Focus

The marketing audit will hone in on the most pressing issues in your marketing mix. In many cases, the focus will primarily in the area of promotion – your messaging, market segmentation, and communications programs. There are five marketing components that can impact your success:

  • Product positioning strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • People (your available marketing resources)

Tactical Roadmap

Our assessment will produce strategic goals and a Tactical Roadmap for achieving them. This may address everything from branding to media buys to event marketing and content plans for establishing cross-media thought leadership.

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“I worked with Jan during the initial phase of a public sector consulting project. She was a great team member and support during important stakeholder interviews, and benchmarking study. Thanks to her those interviews were very successful. She was always ready and full of new ideas and questions. She does very thorough research, and is a great resource.”

Hande Candan-Dulgeroglu
Project Manager at Commerce Hub