Before you go to market, you have to build the message, the platform, and content to bring customers to your home. That means building out your Marketing Home so that:

  1. People can find it.
  2. People will want to visit and interact with it, and
  3. People will want to return again and again.

The one-way communications models of the broadcast advertising industry (“Monologue”) have long since morphed into data-driven exchanges (“Dialogue”) and multidirectional communications (“Multilogue”) among your various constituents. prospects and customers. Now everyone communicates with each other 24/7 through the always-on, multichannel, multimedia world. It’s imperative that you build the channels to bring them to your door and to incent them to identify themselves and engage with your brand.

Marketing Infrastructure: Bringing Them Home to You

Being effective in this multidimensional environment requires you to:

  • Build the infrastructure that makes it easy to get your story out where customers can hear it
  • Give them easy pathways to find you
  • Put out information and tools that encourage prospects to engage with you, and
  • Offer ongoing opportunities and reasons for them to interact with you

Components of Your Marketing Infrastructure

Brand Positioning and Messaging. You need a clear and compelling story and a base from which to tell it. Your brand positioning must be directed and consistent.

Marketing Materials. From collateral materials and signage to press releases, ads, direct mail, and web content, you must be sure your materials are consistent with your brand and messaging strategy and work together to reinforce your positioning.

Content Marketing Plans and Inventory. Gaining attention in today’s digital marketing environment demands continual publication of keyword-optimized content in relevant and influential places — both online and in print media. Articles, case studies, white papers, blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, presentations…. All must be planned and ready to roll-out to drive traffic back to your website.

Owned Media. Your Website and Social Media platforms are critical tools for reaching, engaging, and transforming prospects and customers into buyers and referrers. They must be able to capture information about who is interested in your message and convert that interest into actionable leads for new business. They must be mobile-ready, optimized for search engine rankings, and able to publish fresh materials and capture interest by prospects and customers who visit them. They are vital tools in the competition for search engine ranking. No company in any industry can afford to ignore these critical channels.

Earned Media. Automation is rapidly changing the rules of advertising. This year, digital banner advertising has overtaken traditional advertising for the first time, and highly automated, data-driven techniques can place ads in front of the right buyers at the right time based on their activity in the virtual or physical world. Understanding the rules of this brave new world and getting maximum performance requires sophistication and careful investment. But the payback can be enormous.

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Marty Byrne, Associate Director
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