The Need: Acxiom’s ability to capitalize on the growth of data-driven marketing was initially gaited by its ability to show customers how to use its massive data files and systems. The company lacked educational materials, case studies, white papers, or how-to information.

Service Provided: Conceptualized, established, and managed a new company-wide sales support program. Created and distributed a library of original newsletters, customer case studies, white papers, and tip-sheets. Managed circulation to customers and prospects in U.S. After two years, added a European edition.

Impact: According to the marketing managers and sales force leaders involved, Case-in-Point was the single most important, popular, and successful sales support program the company had ever conducted to that point.

Major sales support/lead-gen program concept, setup, operation, content creation, publishing, distribution, expansion to Europe, and sales training.

Multiple newsletters produced in US and Europe, with supporting case studies, white papers, how-to’s, and trend articles. Here are some samples,

CIP 6.2 (Newsletter) copy

CIP White Paper_Outsourcing6.1

Acxiom Exec Guide to Data Assets.reduced


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