student d for Creative Cloud

Problem: Boston University needed to maximize adoption by the undergraduate population of free Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to accelerate a curriculum goal of instilling multimedia literacy.

Jan, as the Digital Learning & Technology Group’s Communications Manager ,was tasked with this effort, in cooperation with the Information Systems & Technology organization

Solution: Rapid development and deployment of a guerilla marketing effort including email blasts to over 15,000 students, social media appeals to students and parents, competitions and campus postering, sidewalk swag intercepts, and cooperation with admissions, student affairs, campus libraries and undergraduate innovation centers.

At the same time, DL&I conducted training programs for faculty via the Writing Center.

Jan and members of the Technology team built a virtual Digital Multimedia Common consisting of short posts about uses of Adobe CC software programs, along with pointers to additional training resources for faculty and students alike.

And the department’s annual faculty-focused Teaching with Technology festival was organized around teaching students how to be adept in multimedia expression.

Result: Within three months, we achieved over 30% adoption among all undergraduate students and raised interest and know-how among select groups of faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral students, and specialized student services departments.

We achieved 100% adoption among students in the School of Communication and the College of Fine Arts.