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image of @ sign coming out of an envelopeAre you happy with your email service provider? According to this email marketing survey, most marketers are dissatisfied, particularly in customer service and technical support.
According to the survey’s publisher, Digital Doughnut, integration of email with other areas of marketing is the area companies are most likely to be struggling with. More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) rank themselves as behind the curve in this respect. After integration, automation is the area where companies are least developed.
The report also looks at testing and personalization and finds that subject lines (72%) are the most commonly tested
aspect of email campaigns. Only around half of companies surveyed are testing design (51%), calls to action (51%) and time of day / day of week (49%). Fewer companies still are testing email copy (42%) and landing pages (30%). Almost three-quarters of responding companies (73%) personalize emails with the appropriate first name and salutation, more than double the percentage than for any other personalization method. The next most commonly used personalization tactic is the use of CRM data,
employed by more than a third of companies (36%). The third most commonly used tactic are emails targeted on the recipient’s location, a method used by just under a third of businesses (32%) surveyed.