Our Experience

We work with C-suite leaders, marketing executives, CIOs, and users in companies of every size. As a consultant and advisor, Jan Smith is at home in the world’s largest corporations, government agencies, and research centers—and equally versed in the challenges facing smaller companies and startups.

  1. Jan’s work is hard to pin down because she has such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. At the core of every assignment is what she refers to as “translation” – listening for the real heart of the matter and transforming it into a plan that people readily understand and rally around.
  2. Jan also has tremendous experience executing communications programs using digital marketing technologies and media. She assembles the right team for every program. She serves as lead consultant, assembling as needed the right team of skilled specialists for each assignment.

Cross-Industry Expertise. Our experience transcends industry boundaries, enabling us to bring fresh, insightful marketing savvy to bear on each new assignment.

  • Biotechnology, including innovations for medical devices, medical imaging, and other life sciences
  • Healthcare and healthcare information technology
  • Big Data and database marketing
  • Renewable energy, cleantech
  • Nanotech, semiconductors
  • Advanced manufacturing, materials science
  • Elementary, distance, and higher education
  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Financial services (insurance, financial advisors)
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Not-for-profit institutions

Clients. We serve both BTB and BTC clients, as well as higher education institutions, research centers, government agences, and not-for-proit institutions.


Multilogue is currently a member of the American Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association, MarketingProfs, Women in Communications, the Editorial & Freelancers Association, New Energy New York, the Capital Region Center for Economic Growth, and the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce.

Jan Smith recently served on the Board of her local chapter of the American Marketing Association and was responsible for completing the launch of a new CMS website for the chapter.  She also served as vice-chair of sister-city organization Albany-Tula Alliance, and has run other volunteer organizations, including parent fundraising organizations and writers groups.


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