Multilogue Marketing is the global consulting practice of veteran marketer and author Jan A. Smith. We build marketing muscle, grace, and power for ambitious companies looking to expand reach and take market share from competitors. We show you how to create and keep mindful, meaningful relationships with prospects, customers, influencers, employees, and channel partners.

Our Philosophy

Multilogue believes in multiplying market reach by doing the right things. There are just too many marketing companies out there ready to take your money to throw you into oversaturated markets and media with expensive campaigns that just add to the din.

Responsible marketing puts the focus on developing truly meaningful connections [link to Your Marketing Home] with constituents. You can execute smart, edgy and fun communications programs to engage and delight them. But use your scarce resources wisely – do only the things that really matter:

  • Choose and prioritize your targets
  • Line up the best channels
  • Fine-tune your offers for real relevance to your customers’ pain
  • Make sure your infrastructure is ready to support lead engagement, conversion, and measurement
  • Make every communication do multiple duty

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Need Help?

Creating or improving your marketing plan? Identifying and prioritizing targets? Crafting a messaging strategy? Creating materials or a Website? Multilogue can help! CONTACT US

Jan is a fabulous resource for a comprehensive, thoughtful product that is thoroughly researched and professionally delivered. She considers every aspect of a project and provides the perfect balance of flexibility for corporate inter-workings while never losing sight of the deadline.
Scarlett Burks, Senior Marketing Manager at Acxiom Corporation